Baby Daddy Season 1, Episode 12: Something Borrowed, Something Ben

Published August 30, 2012 by tiradical20s

An interesting finale for Baby Daddy!  We are left off not knowing if Riley likes Ben or Danny.  Or does she like BOTH now?

Personally, I am team Riley and Danny because Ben is an idiot! Riley and Ben did share a sweet moment on the roof (pictured above) and it looked like Ben was starting to have second thoughts about whether or not he liked Riley.  I felt bad that Danny was watching.

BUT Riley and Danny had a nice moment before that as well.  It’s like The Vampire Diaries (1 girl, 2 brothers) without the vampires or the diaries! Hehe. Technically, The Vampire Diaries doesn’t have a diary in it anymore either.

Who is looking forward to season 2? We have a lot to contemplate before the show returns sometime in 2013.

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