Pretty Little Liars Season 3, Episode 12: Lady Killer

Published August 30, 2012 by tiradical20s

TOBY? Toby???? Really, Toby?????????

I must admit, I suspected Toby awhile ago, but as of late I sort of put him out of my mind.  I guess his part in the whole “A” conspiracy makes a lot of sense considering he has been gone on his “job in Bucks County.”  Way to bang Spencer and then be in cahoots with Mona and “A,” Toby….

And also, NATE!?! I never suspected Nate!!!!! His name isn’t even Nate! I am so excited I forgot his name haha.  But it doesn’t matter because Emily killed him….holy crap, Emily killed him! I bet this does not look too good for her when the show returns in October.

Poor Caleb, shot through the heart (and it’s too late….).  I would just like to inform you all that in my head every time Caleb is on screen, he speaks in a caveman voice.  For example: OOOOH LADY FRIEND NO LIKE HAIRCUT.  So, when Caleb was wielding a gun before, my boyfriend (yes, my boyfriend, being the wonderful person he is, watched Pretty Little Liars with me) decided to say in Caleb’s caveman voice “OOOH ME CALEB RUN AROUND STREET WITH GUN!”

The finale raises a lot of questions for the next part of the season:

  1. Will Ezra find out about Malcolm?
  2. How will being shot change Hanna and Caleb’s mending relationship?
  3. Is Toby going to get figured out?
  4. …..if Mona isn’t running the show, who is?????


Pretty Little Liars returns October 23rd for a Halloween episode before going on hiatus again to return in January :D.

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