Bones Season 8, Episode 1: The Future in the Past

Published September 18, 2012 by tiradical20s

SO relieved to see Booth and Brennan back together after last season’s heart wrenching finale! Girl, you do NOT just drive off with your daughter and leave  Booth to rot!

I must say, this season is already very intriguing and starting off much better than seasons past.  I hope they stay with the Pelant (THAT BASTARD) storyline, as it is a very interesting one.  He is fucking SMART.  I can’t believe he changed his entire identity at the end! He really is something else.

I want to give a big high five to Hodgins for almost killing Pelant in the graveyard, that was a side of Hodgins we have certainly never seen before and I do hope we see it again!

I love it when Sweets was like “I should arrest Brennan….but it’s so great to see you!” LOL awww, Sweets.

Judging from what we saw tonight, I think Bones has really stepped it up for this season and I am pretty excited to see what the show creators have in store for us.

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