Switched at Birth Season 1, Episode 26: The Tree of Forgiveness

Published September 25, 2012 by tiradical20s


In this episode of Switched at Birth, we see Bay arguing with her father about her artwork on his carwash.  Okay, let’s be honest…if someone, regardless of whether or not they were related to me, decided to tag my place of work with her “art,” I would be pretty pissed too.  John and I agree on something for once, sheesh!

We also see Daphne struggling to be in the same place as Angelo.  That nail in the hand looked pretty convincing! Good to see that Gilles Marini has a day job after Dancing with the Stars :)>.

I really like the new girl that Emmett met! And I am also happy that Toby is forming a friendship with Nikki! Good for them, they need to move on anyway.

UM can someone please explain to me how Simone is an 11th grade alcoholic? Yes, please do.  That is a really ridiculous storyline.


Looking forward to next week.


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