The New Normal Season 1, Episode 4: Obama Mama

Published September 26, 2012 by tiradical20s


Oh, Ryan Murhpy.  For once, I am going to criticize you seriously instead of in farce.

This episode of The New Normal was MUCH too political and I think some of the audience may have been offended.  I wasn’t, per se, but I can see how some people could.

I was watching on twitter as the rants about this show because political.  I am NEVER saying you should censor things, but I definitely think some things could have been toned down.

In other news, I love Goldie’s pregnancy cravings, I feel like I would crave the exact same thing if I were pregnant.



One comment on “The New Normal Season 1, Episode 4: Obama Mama

  • This was my first viewing of “The New Normal”. I wasn’t expecting much. I think Rocky and the hideous mother will steal the show. When asked for a favour Rocky said “What kill a spider? Run off a coyote?” Priceless. When told to bring her friends to the party and they were all white, the response” If they are not black albinos, we’re screwed” tossed me into the floor with laughter. I LOVE Rocky!

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