666 Park Avenue Season 1, Episode 1: Pilot

Published October 1, 2012 by tiradical20s


First Impression:

Looks cool.  Love the name of it.  I definitely think ABC needs to add a paranormal drama to their stellar line up.


Last Impression:

Significantly intrigued.  Not entirely sure what is going on.  Terry O’Quinn is making me have MAJOR Lost flashbacks and that is sort of throwing me off a bit.  I love how all the recycled actors/actresses from other shows are in this

  • Clay from One Tree Hill
  • That girl from The Finder
  • Terry O’Quinn.
  • Vanessa Williams from Ugly Betty and Desperate Housewives

I’m sure there are more too, I just wasn’t paying attention.

I think this show could be really cool with some awesome plot twists and a kick ass storyline!

4/5 stars


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