Once Upon A Time Season 2, Episode 1: Broken

Published October 1, 2012 by tiradical20s


My favorite show from last year is FINALLY back!  This show is a revelation, I think.  SO many wonderful plots and storylines….ugh I can’t get enough!!!

I was SO worried this show wouldn’t be able to pull off a second season.  I mean there were 2 options, right?  Break curse, go back to fairy tale realm or don’t break curse and continue to fight to break curse.  I AM SO HAPPY THEY COMBINED THE TWO!  Snow White and Emma are back in fairy tale land while all the other fairy tale people (no aware of their origins) wander aimlessly around Storybrooke with disdain towards the queen.

Can we just talk about the Charming Family reunion???? SO cute. I mean, obviously Emma is HELLA confused….I mean, hello, her mom is the same AGE as her.  ALSO HENRY CALLED MARY MARGARET GRANDMA AND I ALMOST FREAKED OUT.

Can we say a big HELLO to Julian Morris (Prince Phillip)….he is SO dreamy.  SO DREAMY.  It should be illegal to look as good as him.  I love his storyline with both Sleeping Beauty and Mulan.  Very interesting twist there.

I am really curious to see where the awesome and amazing writers take the second season!


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