Revenge Season 2, Episode 1: Destiny

Published October 1, 2012 by tiradical20s

Nothing is more awkward than that picture.  Oh, hi, ex bestie dating my ex fake fiance, what’s up?

The baddest and most terrifying bitch on television is back….Emily Thorne/Amanda Clarke! God, I would NEVER want to cross her, I would be dead in seconds.

In this season, Emily’s game has completely changed from avenging her father to finding her apparently alive mommy dearest.  Of course, she has enlisted the help of her bosom buddy Nolan, who is currently living with her (LOL NOLAN AND EMILY SLEEPOVER PARTIES!!!!).

Things have changed in The Hamptons big time:

  • As we knew from last season’s finale, Jack and “Amanda” are expecting a baby.  We find out it’s a boy, but…is Jack the father? My sources (aka my hopes and dreams) tell me no.
  • Charlotte has been carted off to rehab for her drug problems and is potentially being black mailed by her faux-daddy.
  • Declan still has not found the correct hair gel….keep looking, Dec, we believe in you!
  • Obviously, Ashley and Daniel are getting down and dirty.
  • And of course we have Victoria hiding out after being  pronounced dead by multiple sources.  I hate Madeline Stowe….so much, don’t even get me started.

Looking forward to having the shit scared out of myself by watching Emily in action! So glad this show is back.


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