The Inbetweeners Season 1, Episode 7: Crystal Springs

Published October 2, 2012 by tiradical20s


Let me tell you why I thoroughly enjoyed this episode:

JAY WAS CALLED OUT ON JUST HOW MUCH HE LIES ALL THE FUCKING TIME.  Did you see him attempt to make out with that girl???? Jesus.

And fingering the girl’s stomach fat? JESUS.  I was appalled.

The funny thing about this episode is that all of them could have gotten laid…..ALL OF THEM….and they didn’t because they are all douches (except for Neil, because he’s my pretty pony).

I think it was interesting to see more of Jay’s parents.  Obviously, his father is the reason for how he acts.  It’s pretty gross how he treats him, but I don’t think it’s necessary to go into a parental analysis on a comedy show ;).

Anyway, if you people don’t start watching this show I am going to cry.  It’s going to get canceled and it’s going to be YOUR fault!!!!



*just kidding, I love you.*

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