2 Broke Girls Season 2, Episode 2: And The Pearl Necklace

Published October 3, 2012 by tiradical20s


Caroline breaks the necklace she has been wearing in every single episode since the beginning and is convinced bad luck is to follow….which it sort of does.

  • The girls are still trying to get in touch with Martha Stewart who tried their cupcakes back in the last episode, but she is unreachable
  • Max gets hit by a car
  • Han experiments with new high-tech gadgets for the restaurant, including a cupcake machine that would put Max and Caroline out of business.
  • Martha Stewart’s receptionist chips a tooth on a pearl lost in one of their cupcakes

Luckily, by the end of the episode, they receive an email from Martha Stewart saying she “hasn’t forgotten about them.”

THESE. GIRLS. NEED. BOYFRIENDS. Or something else life altering!


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