New Girl Season 2, Episode 3: Fluffer

Published October 3, 2012 by tiradical20s


More proof that Jess and Nick belong together!

In this episode, Jess is having a hard time getting herself in the mood to have meaningless sex with Sam, so the boys agree to take her out on a date so she is emotionally fulfilled before she has sex with Sam.

Turns out, only Nick is available for said date while Schmidt is out pretending to be a Romney and Winston is mind-cheating on his girlfriend.  They have a lovely time, but then Winston informs Nick that he is becoming Jess’ emotional fluffer (YUCK).

Jess and Nick then have a very adorable argument where THEY ADMIT TO BEING ATTRACTED TO ONE ANOTHER!!!!!


Listen to me, writers of New Girl, drag this one OUT! If there is anything that we learned from Bones, it’s that we CAN WAIT!


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