The New Normal Season 1, Episode 5: Nanagasm

Published October 3, 2012 by tiradical20s

In this episode, David’s mother comes to visit and she is less than fond of Bryan but loves that her son is having a baby with beautiful, blond Goldie.

Every episode has so many thought-provoking scenes, it makes me want to cry!  This episode made you think about the relationship Bryan has with his mother (whom he hasn’t spoken to since his father died).

I also thoroughly enjoyed Shania’s bucket list.  Who knew a 9 years old would want to have a quincenara? Haha.

Oh, also, let us not forget that Nana got some! That atrocious woman needed an orgasm or 6 anyway.


Some notable quotes:

“I know that that dog with the bandanna frightened you.”

“Her daughter’s uterus looks like a bramble patch”

Ryan Murphy. I love you

I think Ryan Murphy is going to be supreme overlord of the universe one of these days.


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