666 Park Avenue Season 1, Episode 2: Murmurations

Published October 8, 2012 by tiradical20s


Jane, after exploring a guest that left the hotel without warning, discovers a huge infestation of starlings behind the hotel walls and calls an exterminator.

Brian cheats on his wife with that slut from across the way….nice, Brian, way to be.

Jane also has dreams about a murder that has occurred in the hotel, only to realize her dreams are reality.


Okay, I need to say my piece on this show because I think it has SO much potential:

It needs to be amped up BIG TIME.  I think this show could be something great………it could actually be the next American Horror Story if it wanted to be, but right now there is a factor to it that is so dull….I think it needs more danger!

Right now it is relying heavily on sexuality and played down situations instead of really going for it.  I think if it gets the back 10, which I am pretty sure it will, then the writers should really take this into consideration and write something a little more interesting.


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