Revenge Season 2, Episode 2: Resurrection

Published October 8, 2012 by tiradical20s


I watched this show with my boyfriend last night (he has never seen the show before) and I realized, this show is borderline IMPOSSIBLE to explain to someone.  After I was done explaining everyone’s relationship to everyone, his eyes were rolling back in his head.  He was specifically confused by the Emily Thorne/Amanda Clarke thing.
Victoria bitches herself out of hiding, getting back into the house with the help of her ex husband (he punched her right in the face with a seashell!!!).

Charlotte finds out Amanda is pregnant and that she is going to be an “aunt”, even though the baby is not technically Jack’s.

I feel really bad for Emily because she knows Charlotte is her sister and obviously she loves her, but because of the whole identity switcharoo Charlotte thinks fake Amanda Clarke is her sister.  I hope there is a way for Charlotte to know someday.

ALSO who is this sexy man at the end of the episode??? Is this the mysterious Aiden we’ve been hearing about?


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