Gossip Girl Season 6, Episode 1: Gone Maybe Gone

Published October 10, 2012 by tiradical20s


In the season opener of Gossip Girl, we had lots of shocks and surprises!

  • UM RUFUS AND IVY? UM EW AND NO THANK YOU.  WTF does that weird bitch have up her sleeve??? I HATE IVY.
  • Chuck and Blair spent the summer apart trying not to “distract” each other….but are still very much in love?  I’m confused already.
  • Nate spent the summer trying to expose Gossip Girl….and has a new young friend?
  • Dan spent the summer in Italy with Georgina writing his latest tell all book
  • Serena (or should we say Sabrina?) is shacking up with Barry Watson and pretending to be someone she’s not so she can turn her life around.

I think everyone should just leave Serena alone! She does need a change of pace in her life and everyone was against her when the season ended. There was literally NO reason for all those assholes to bother her.

For some reason, even though I have been supremely bored by it in the past, I will miss this show when it is done in December.  It was always a go to show if I was missing out on some television.  So, we officially start the swan song of Gossip Girl. 


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