Revolution Season 1, Episode 4: The Plague Dogs

Published October 10, 2012 by tiradical20s


I didn’t really think I had much of an emotional connection to this show before this episode, but turns out, I was very wrong!

The gang gets back together only to be torn apart by a stupid asshole guy and his crazy dogs.  The man stabs Maggie, and she bleeds to death!!!! SHE NEVER GOT TO SEE HER KIDS AGAIN :(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO YOU KNOW HOW UPSETTING THAT IS?!!?! When she asked for her phone, I sobbed uncontrollably.

At least they are getting closer to Danny each day, they are less than a day behind him now!

What I’m curious about is what did Miles want with Charlie and Danny’s mom??? Why did she go to him? That’s just so strange.  I look forward to finding out more about that whole exchange.

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