Nashville Season 1, Episode 1: Pilot

Published October 11, 2012 by tiradical20s


First Impression:

This is the show I am looking forward to this fall.  Number 1.  It will be awesome.


Last Impression:

I was NOT disappointed.  This show is on FIRE! I don’t think Nashville is going anywhere anytime soon.  The producers do a very good job at making you hate Hayden Panettiere….I was seriously about to punch a hole through the television every time she was on screen.  But, then you see her mother is addicted to meth and you have that little twinge of guilt for her….but not THAT much.  Connie Britton should receive an Emmy for her role…she is seriously an amazing actress.  Also, does anyone wonder why I detest Taylor Swift with such an intensity???? It’s because I believe she is exactly like Juliette Barnes (….well Taylor Swift has the sexual prowess of an ear of corn, but I mean the whole acting sweet but is probably a giant, fake bitch in real life).  Anyway, this show is definitely my favorite pilot thus far in the season and I see good things for it in the future!


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