The Inbetweeners Season 1, Episode 9: Fire!

Published October 16, 2012 by tiradical20s


Will is dubbed a hero after he puts out a minute fire raging in the high school halls.  Once the fire is dubbed arson, Will is asked to help find who started the fire.

In the mean time, the boys are all excited about a party that Jay heard about from his new 7th grade girlfriend.  Why they even wanted to go to a party that a 7th grader heard about is ridiculous.   Actually, I am not sure they knew it was a party she knew about.

Simon is also dating the new girl they met in the last episode (whose name escapes me…) who is extremely jealous of Carly and her friendship with Simon.  “I want her to see us”….yikes!

Turns out the party is being thrown at Simon’s house by Simon’s little brother and the boys are equally as loserish.


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