Ben and Kate Season 1, Episode 4: 21st Birthday

Published October 18, 2012 by tiradical20s


Ben tries to throw Kate the 21st birthday party she never had for her 26th since she didn’t get to experience it when she was pregnant.

Kate, who didn’t want a party, is less than enthused but brightens when she sees her old friend Molly.  Then she becomes less than enthused again when she sees all the crazy stuff Molly does that she does not want to do.

Ben and BJ also try to steal a tree from Ben’s ex unsuccessfully.   BJ is probably the best person on the show.

I just found out that the girl who plays Kate is YOUNGER THAN ME!!! October 1989!  Wut?! And she is playing a 26 year old?! I am June 1989! Wut?!


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