Switched at Birth Season 1, Episode 29: The Trial

Published October 18, 2012 by tiradical20s

The trial about the switch begins.

Stupid Bay gets the money back that she stole from her dad by lying to people at school about a Halloween dance she is raising money for, but the only one who bites is Simone who gives her all the money.  Bay and Travis seem to be in the clear until John realizes that the bills are no longer 100s but 20s.  This leads to John thinking that Travis is borrowing money from him, which is what Travis is afraid of.  Daphne, knowing this information from John, tells Bay that she will tell John if she doesn’t because Travis doesn’t deserve to get fired.  Bay admits her actions to her mother and Bay gets in a lot of trouble.

Daphne and Jeff continue their secret courtship and Melody realizes what is going on after stopping at Jeff’s house while Daphne is there.  Melody tries to talk to Daphne about it, but Daphne thinks she is just jealous and ignores her.  It is revealed that Daphne is not a virgin and Jeff tries to end it with her because it is illegal and Melody knows.  Too bad the episode ends with Daphne at Jeff’s house and the door closing dramatically…..can we say statutory rape?

Do you think Daphe and Jeff slept together? Wooooo boy.


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