Emily Owens, M.D. Season 1, Episode 2: Emily and The Zolman Incident

Published October 24, 2012 by tiradical20s


Okay, I have to say it….I somewhat enjoyed this show.  As much as I hate HATE HATE doctor dramas set in the typical hospital setting, this show is stomachable (I may have made that word up, so what?)

Emily is sort of that girl we all are or either are on the inside.  Her inner dialogue is very similar to that of JD on Scrubs (not quite AS funny as his though) and she is AWKWARD, yet good at her job.

I don’t give a flying poop in space about any of the patients on the show, but the relationships and dynamics being built are already miles ahead of Beauty and the Beast‘s pathetic attempt at a crime drama show, so I can’t help but prefer this one to that.  I will even go as far as to say the characters are more interesting than Hart of Dixie which already has an entire season under its belt.

I am actually very distraught that I ended up enjoying this show for the most part.  The reason for that being that it completely switched places with Beauty and the Beast, which I had the highest of hopes for over the summer.  I also know this show is going to be cancelled purely for lack of promotion and believability.

Oh well, until then, I’ll watch and laugh with Mamie Gumner.

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