90210 Season 5, Episode 3: It’s All Fun and Games

Published October 25, 2012 by tiradical20s

  • Silver is nervous about her insemination appointment and becoming a mom so fast, so Adriana takes her out on a special day to do things that normal girls in their twenties would do to get it out of her system
  • Naomi decides to continue her friendly pursuit of Alec, trying her best to get him to like her.  They end up having a great day and Alec winds up kissing her.  Naomi freaks out and decides to tell Max the truth about what happened, but Naomi has no idea that Alec had pictures taken and is trying to set Naomi up.
  • Dixon attends a group therapy session by Annie’s request and comes face to face with the daughter of the man who hit him with his truck.
  • The police question Liam about Vanessa’s disappearance, which makes him nervous until he figures out that Vanessa is a wanted woman.


ALEC, YOU DAWG. Let Naomi be happy with her nerd!

One comment on “90210 Season 5, Episode 3: It’s All Fun and Games

  • I used to watch the original 90210 in the 90’s and absolutely loved the show. When I heard that the CW was doing a reboot of the show I was a little worried. The new 90210 isn’t too bad and I’ve been recording the show for a while. Now I’ve got my Hopper timer set to make sure I don’t miss any of the new episodes. The saddest part about the new season is Dixon dealing with his injuries and coming to terms with how things are for the moment. My DISH co-worker says the police looking for Vanessa was the best thing to ever happen to Liam. I have to agree, that could have gotten complicated really quickly.

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