Arrow Season 1, Episode 3: Lone Gunmen

Published October 25, 2012 by tiradical20s


Oliver fights “Deadshot,” a Russian assassin hired to kill some businessmen who all want Unidec Industries

He teams up with Detective Lance  save Walter and the other buyers and kill Deadshot.

Thea’s is having teenage angsty times where she doesn’t listen to anyone but her teenage self.  When Oliver sees her out at a club and questions her presence there, she tells him that Laurel and Tommy have been sleeping together.

Laurel and Tommy wonder why Oliver was so accepting of their trysts, but Laurel figures its because he has no right to judge her.

In a flashback sequence , the Chinese man who shot Oliver was actually trying to help and save him from others on the island. Oliver tries to escape, but is pursued by an unknown gaggle of weirdly cloaked men.

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