Nashville Season 1, Episode 3: Someday You’ll Call My Name

Published October 25, 2012 by tiradical20s

In this episode, Juliette continues her pursuit of Deacon but Deacon continues to turn her down.  I understand the temptation of sleeping with Juliette must be very hard to resist, but if he loves Rayna and continues to be so loyal to her even after all these years, why would he even consider writing/sleeping/touring with Juliette in the first place?  This was the major question I had.

Rayna attends a talent show her daughters are in and it turns out they are actually very good!

Rayna also continues to weigh her options with touring with Deacon and is disappointed to learn that the venue is going to be a bit smaller.

Scarlett and Gunnar start recording their music, but Avery becomes jealous when it becomes clear that Gunnar is in love with Scarlett.

Love this show!


3 comments on “Nashville Season 1, Episode 3: Someday You’ll Call My Name

  • I just started watching Nashville and I’m really starting to love it! One of the girls I work with at DISH has been archiving the new series on her Hopper since it’s one of the shows that are recorded as a part of her Primetime Anytime recordings. It records every primetime show from the four major networks, so, she NEVER misses a show. I love the different levels of stardom on the show, and there seems to be musical talent everywhere! I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised that Rayna’s daughters are so musically talented considering who their mother is. I can’t wait until Scarlett and Gunnar hit it big (and hookup); I think everyone knows it’s bound to happen!

    • Absolutely!!! I also love the dynamics between Juliette’s two lives: Her mother is raging drug addict so she became somewhat of a harlot who gets things when and where she wants them. I am also excited for Scarlett and Gunnar 🙂

      • I hated Juliette at first, but seeing how her addict mother has affected her, I’m starting to feel for her. I agree that their relationship explains why Juliette is so hungry for attention. :p

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