The Big Bang Theory Season 6, Episode 5: The Holographic Excitation

Published October 26, 2012 by tiradical20s


  • Howard is feeling very blue and not so into the Halloween spirit when he finds out that all of his friends are getting extremely sick of him bringing up how he was an astronaut every five seconds.
  • Amy tries to convince Sheldon to have a cute couple’s costume with her
  • Penny tries to take more of an interest in what Leonard is doing and goes to the lab to see where he works.  She realizes that his intelligence arouses her.
  • Raj tries to help Stuart plan an awesome Halloween party.

I just want to say, I don’t think anyone was wrong in thinking Howard was being annoying.  All he wanted to do was come home when he was in space anyway, so him bragging about it now is pretty lame!


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