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Glee Season 4, Episode 5 and 6: The Role You Were Born to Play and Glease

Published November 16, 2012 by tiradical20s


I have come out of my brief hiatus to discuss last night’s episode of Glee.


After last week’s casting in Grease, the school musical, the kids of McKinley High are magically ready to perform the show after only a week for all the world to see.

While I am very excited about the presence of Blake Jenner, who is very talented, and Darren Criss’ rendition of “Beauty School Dropout” I must say I was EXTREMELY offended by the subject content of Marley’s alleged spiraling into bulima as coaxed by Kitty.

Marley (who is probably a size 00) begins to fear she will be obese like her mother when her Sandy costumes begin shrinking (Kitty is bringing them in each night to make Marley feel like she is getting fat).

DID SHE NOT REALIZE THAT EVERYTHING ELSE FIT HER JUST RIGHT?! The scene where she is trying to throw up in the bathroom was just…awful.

“I DON’T WANT TO KISS A GIRL WITH PUKE ON HER BREATH!” said Rider Flynn.  This is the most distasteful sentence I have ever heard on Glee.  I understand what he was TRYING to get at by saying it, but it just rubbed me in such a wrong way that I almost walked away from my computer.  The whole episode did that.

I hope Ryan Murphy gets his ass handed to him for his character, Kitty, and for the subject matter.  I am all about portraying eating disorders on shows the CORRECT way if it is going to be tasteful and sensitive, but that really was not the way to do it.


Shows I have dropped so far this season and why?

Published November 14, 2012 by tiradical20s

666 Park Avenue (ABC)

While it had a promising outlook, the plot just made no sense and the characters/storylines were strange and somewhat offbeat from what they were trying to portray.  I would consider going back to rewatch the show over the summer if it gets picked up for a second season.  Sets were damaged during Hurricane Sandy, so who knows what is going to happen to this show? Ratings have also steadily declined and have not picked up.


Last Resort (ABC)

While I liked the first episode of this show, I decided that I would get bored quickly by it.  I have a hard time staying with shows of this nature and I figured I would quit while I was ahead.  Ratings have declined and ABC only ordered 2 additional scripts for it (giving it 13 episodes)….I would say I probably made the right decision.


Elementary (CBS)

This show has done surprisingly well in my opinion.  I found the first episode to be extremely difficult to watch and Lucy Liu as a modern day Watson was just too unbelievable to even try out.  The show has steady ratings and has received a full season order and EVEN a superbowl episode.  This show is not under consideration for me to pick up if it is renewed.


Made in Jersey (CBS)

Do I even really need to explain myself here?  First casualty of the 2012-2013 series.  Need I say more?


Vegas (CBS)

I was flat out bored the second I saw Dennis Quaid in a cowboy hat. The show is doing quite well with good ratings.  I will not consider watching this show again even if it is renewed.


Arrow (The CW)

I do enjoy this show, but for some reason it is very difficult for me to watch.  I would reconsider watching this show if it is picked up for a second season over the summer, but right now I don’t have time for it.


Beauty and the Beast (The CW)

I was shocked when I heard this show was given a full season.  It is borderline terrible.  I might consider watching it again, because I forget why I hated it so much (besides Kristin Kreuk playing an unbelievable cop) but for now I definitely don’t have time for amateur hour.


The Mob Doctor (Fox)

I gave this show a nice try, but I knew it was time to stop watching when I was falling asleep during the episodes.  I will not consider watching this show again over the summer if it is given a very unlikely second season.


Revolution (NBC)

I watched a lot of this show and recently decided nothing was happening in it.  I started falling asleep during the episodes and I knew it was time to move on.  I would consider watching this again over the summer if it is picked up.


Animal Practice (NBC)

My least favorite television pilot ever.  I did something I don’t usually do and didn’t even watch the entire pilot.





Published November 14, 2012 by tiradical20s

Due to the stress of catching up on three weeks worth of shows due to Hurricane Sandy and my trip to Disney World, I will be taking the rest of this week to catch up on my shows and come back at you all with next week’s shows starting on Sunday.

I hope you all understand 🙂

Sorry about the delay and I will make it up with smaller posts this week!