Published April 28, 2013 by tiradical20s

File:Vikings logo.png

Vikings Season 2 (History Channel)

Why I love it: It’s DIFFERENT. The Vikings are horrible people, you know.  All they do is pillage and rape, but it is so different I can’t help but watch!

Surprised at renewal?: No

File:The Vampire Diaries (title card).png

The Vampire Diaries Season Five (The CW)

Why I love it: I’m a little shallow about this show because obviously I love it for the amazingly attractive cast, but it never does cease to entertain me with it’s teenage angst plots.

Surprised at renewal?: No

File:Hart of Dixie intertitle.png

Hart of Dixie Season 3 (The CW)

Why I love it: It’s just so…terrible.  Everything is AWFUL and stereotypical.  The script is abysmal, the acting worse and the characters are pretty dull if you really think about it.  BUT it is a complete guilty pleasure.

Surprised at renewal?: Yes

File:Glee title card.svg

Glee Season 5 (Fox)

Why I love it:  I DON’T LOVE IT.  It’s super annoying sometimes.  But god help me, I can’t tear myself away.  Some of them are so talented.

Surprised at renewal?: No. Sometimes I wish they would cancel it though.

File:Bones title card.png

Bones Season 9 (Fox)

Why I love it: Booth and Brennan fo’ eva.

Surprised at renewal?: Only because it’s been on for so long.


Bates Motel Season 2 (A&E)

Why I love it:  It’s so deliciously creepy and odd.  Freddie Highmore is such a strange little actor.

Surprised at renewal?: No.


2 Broke Girls Season 3 (CBS)

Why I love it: Kat Dennings and that is the only reason.

Surprised at renewal?: A teensy bit.


The Big Bang Theory Season 7 (CBS)

Why I love it: Although I think this show is severely overrated, I enjoy the wit.

Surprised at renewal?: No, it was renewed three years ago.

File:The Mindy Project intertitle.png

The Mindy Project Season 2 (Fox)

Why I love it: It is SO funny and Mindy has great comedic timing.  The theme song is ATROCIOUS, though.

Surprised at renewal?: Yes.

File:Two and a Half Men-title.png

Two and a Half Men Season 11 (CBS)

Why I love it: I never watched it before Ashton Kutcher, but I kept watching because it’s hilarious.

Surprised at renewal: EXTREMELY

File:Ecran Titre d'American Horror Story.png

American Horror Story Season 3 (FX)

Why I love it: Like Vikings, it is SO different. It is such a cluster fuck of a show.  You can’t help but watch.

Surprised at renewal?: No

File:Cougar Town S3 premiere title.png

Cougar Town Season 5 (TBS)

Why I love it: The characters are all hilarious and individual.  I am so glad TBS saved it from ABC’s cancellation.

Surprised at renewal?: Yes


Raising Hope Season 4 (Fox)

Why I love it: It’s gone downhill since it’s beginning, but I love this show for some reason I can’t come up with.

Surprised at renewal?: A little

File:The Walking Dead 2010 logo.svg

The Walking Dead Season 4 (AMC)

Why I love it: FAVORITE SHOW ON TV.  This show really makes you feel for this motley crew of survivors, their struggles and their strength to stay a live.  I have shed so many tears over this show and if this were every cancelled….I would quit life.

Surprised at renewal?: NO

File:Workaholics title card.png

Workaholics Season 4 (Comedy Central)

Why I love it: BECAUSE IT’S AWESOME. And weird.

Surprised at renewal?: No.


New Girl Season 3 (Fox)

Why I love it: I would love this show even more if it was just about the three boys to be honest, but it is just so funny and awkward.

Surprised at renewal?: No.


Pretty Little Liars Season 5 (ABC Family)

Why I love it: It’s just so addicting.  No one looks like they are in high school and Aria dresses like a blind hobo. It’s wonderful.

Surprised at renewal?: No


How I met your Mother Season 9 (CBS)

Why I love it: It’s been a long time coming….TELL ME WHO DA MOTHER IS!!!

Surprised at renewal?: Yes


It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 9 (FXX)

Why I love it:  How can you not? This is probably the funniest show on television.

Surprised by renewal?: Never

File:Baby Daddy.jpg

Baby Daddy Season 3 (ABC Family)

Why I love it: Because it’s a sad, ridiculous, ABC Family knock off of Raising Hope.  At least the boys are attractive.

Surprised by renewal?: Honestly, a little, yes.


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