Shows I want to be renewed for the Fall 2013 Season

Published April 29, 2013 by tiradical20s


Switched at Birth for a Season 3

Why?: It’s revolutionary but still keeps that horribly written, ABC Family charm!

Chance: Good

File:The Carrie Diaries intertitle.png

The Carrie Diaries for a Season 2

Chance: Fair

Why?: Although Carrie and Sebastian broke up at least twice per episode, I found this show to be sweet and fun.  I never even saw Sex in the City, but the show is authentic and cute.

File:Teen Wolf season 2 intertitle.png

Teen Wolf for a Season 4

Why?: This show is so bad that you can’t look away, but I would mercilessly rob Dylan O’Brien’s cradle any day of any week of any month.

Chance: Very Good


The Lying Game for a Season 2

Why?: BECAUSE it is fun and has your typical ABC Family drama going on.  EVERYONE loves shows like this.

Chance: Not Great

The New Normal title card.jpg

The New Normal for a Season 2

Why?: Because TV needs a show like this.  Also NeNe Leaks forever.

Chance: Fair

File:Awkward title.png

Awkward for a Season 4

Why?: Because Jenna is just like any of us, has for real problems and the guidance counselor and Sadie are amazing characters.

Chance: Good


Melissa & Joey for a Season 4


Chance: Fair

File:The Neighbors intertitle.pngThe Neighbors for a Season 2

Why?:  I hated this show at first.  I thought the premise was so ridiculous, but once they moved away from the goofy alien projections it became pretty funny.

Chance: Good

File:The Middle logo.png

The Middle for a Season 5

Why?: Sue Heck

Chance: Very good

File:Modern Family Title.svg

Modern Family for a Season 5

Why?: Although I find this show to be only slightly less overrated than The Big Bang Theory, I do enjoy some of the characters.  I don’t, however, find this show to be Emmy award winning material.

Chance: Extremely good


Suburgatory for a Season 3

Why?: I love this show.  I love the characters, I love the humor and most of all I love that Dallas’ dog’s name is “The Occult.”

Chance: Good

File:Nashville logo.jpg

Nashville for a Season 2

Why?: I initially loved this show, then I thought it was just ok, and now I love it again.  I love the dynamics they have drawn from the characters in this show and I do hope they continue the series.

Chance: Good

File:Happily Divorced.jpg

Happily Divorced for a Season 3

Why?: Well, Fran Drescher’s voice grew on me to be honest.  I also love how sassy Peter is.

Chance: Decent

File:Community title.jpg

Community for a Season 5

Why?: Um, six seasons and a movie. Duh. While this season has been less than stellar, I am constantly rooting for this show since it has been pushed down, strung along and led on more than any other show on any other network.

Chance: Not Good

File:1600 Penn promo.jpg

1600 Penn for a Season 2

Why?: This show is actually pretty funny. If it premiered in the fall, I think it would have done better and gotten better ratings.

Chance: Not Good

File:Parks and recreation title.jpg

Parks and Recreation for a Season 6

Why?: Because it’s one of the funniest shows ever

Chance: Very good

File:Men at Work intertitle.png

Men at Work for a Season 3

Why?: While the second season feels off, I don’t think it is a reason for cancellation.

Chance: Fair

File:Hemlock Grove Titlecard.jpg

Hemlock Grove for a Season 2

Why?: I cannot even begin to explain my extreme love for this show.  It was FABULOUS.  I was so lost and confused a lot of times, but I was glued to this for the entire 13 episodes on Netflix.  I would be fully supportive of a second season and my loins tremble in anticipation.

Chance: Fair


Happy Endings for a Season 4

Why?: Like Men at Work, this show has dwindled in hilarity but I still love the characters.  USA said they would pick it up if ABC opted not to order a fourth season, so fingers crossed.

Chance: Fair

File:Once Upon aTime promo image.jpg

Once Upon A Time for a Season 3

Why?: This show is just fun.  While it treads a little bit on the ridiculous side at times, I always find myself compelled to at least find out what is happening and what fairy tale they are doing each week!

Chance: Good

File:The Client List intertitle.png

The Client List for a Season 3

Why?: This show rips my heart out.  I look past all the slutty outfits and weird sexy massage weirdness and focus on the family ties and friendship story archs.  Lifetimes really knows how to throw a dagger through a woman’s ovaries that’s for sure.

Chance: Good


Zombieland for a Season 1

Why?: I watched the pilot on Amazon, one of it’s first originals, and although it was hard at first to get away from the fact that the characters we all loved from the movie were gone, it was actually pretty funny and a good show to nurse my sadness over The Walking Dead being over for the season.

Chance: Fair



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