Shows that made my shit list this year

Published April 29, 2013 by tiradical20s

Let the in memoriam begin:

File:666 Park Avenue.jpg

Had potential, but was just a bit confusing.

File:Last Man Standing intertitle.jpg

This show was so funny last season and then it took a turn for the political during Season 2.  Not to mention the extremely obvious recast of the oldest daughter…..we aren’t stupid, ABC.

Last Resort ABC.jpg

Lost faith in this about halfway through the first episode.  Lost military style? Ain’t nobody got time for that.

File:Red Widow logo.jpg

Didn’t even get five minutes in.



File:Elementary intertitle.png


File:Made in Jersey.jpg

Remember when this was canceled after one episode?

File:Vegas tv logo.jpg

I don’t care about Dennis Quaid even a little.

File:Cult intertitle.png

I enjoyed the first episode, but it was just too complex for a show on The CW.

File:MobDoctor promo logo crop.jpg

HA. Whoever thought this was a good idea was on so many drugs.

File:Animal Practice promo.jpg

I can’t even discuss this.  How this was even greenlit…I can’t even.

File:Chicago Fire Title Card.jpg

I just had no interest in this one.

File:Deception logo.jpg

NBC, you don’t need your own version of Revenge….

File:Go On intertitle.png

I don’t know….I just didn’t laugh.

File:Guys with Kids promo.jpg

Watched this about halfway through the season and then my brain started working again.

File:Revolution Title Card.jpg

I would love to know who does Charlie’s post apocalyptic hair styling.

File:Smash Title Card.jpg

You can only watch the same scene over and over again so many times.


Christina Applegate > The rest of the world….no Christina means no me.

File:The Americans Intertitle.jpg


File:Legit FX card.jpeg

I just…was so offended.

I honestly don’t care how much everyone loves Bo Burnham…this show’s pilot SUCKED.


While I enjoyed this show at first,  I became irritated that the character of Aviva was so disrespectful and ungracious to her boyfriend/baby daddy and literally wanted to jump through the television to ring her neck.

A moment of silence for our fallen brethren


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