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6/11 and 6/12 shows

Published June 13, 2013 by tiradical20s

Pretty Little Liars Season 4, Episode 1


We return to Rosewood after the tumultuous events of last season.  Ezria is pretty much destroyed (WHAT A TERRIBLY SAD MOMENT AT WILDEN’S FUNERAL), Hanna is desperately trying to keep her mother’s murderous secret, Emily is making life changing decisions with Paige, and Spencer and Toby continue to be television’s most displeasing and confusing couple.  Also, can we talk about how Mona is just RANDOMLY in the in now?! UM. GIRLS. SHE TRIED TO KILL YOU LIKE 14,000 TIMES!!!! That’s fine, Mona, let’s just get coffee and giggle and have fucking sleepovers now!  We all saw that red coat was Allison last season, so it will be interesting to see how the pursuit of red coat pans out….

Twisted Season 1, Episode 1


Another slam dunk for ABC Family.  This show will be up to par with the popularity of Pretty Little Liars and Switched at Birth.  It is the perfect show to have on after Pretty Little Liars as well, very connected.  The characters are interesting without belittling the fact that they are indeed CHILDREN.  Good job, ABC Family, and have fun making your millions off this show too…

Awkward title.png

Awkward Season 3, Episode 10

Redefining Jenna

In the midseason finale, we see Jenna doing exactly what we all thought she would do….CHEATING on MATTY! While this of course excites me that Jenna has stepped out of the traditional love triangle and into completely new territory, the way she did it was just so tacky and immature. The previews for the second half of the season we continue to see that atrocious behavior, but I definitely think it will be interesting to see how the characters will change and progress over the next couple of episodes.


Melissa & Joey Season 3, Episode 3 and 4

Inside Job and Can’t Hardly Wait

In these episodes, Mel and Joe continue to fuel their painstaking “will they, won’t they” by dating other people and hiding jobs from each other so they can spend more time with one another.  WE ALL KNOW WHERE THIS IS GOING, ABC FAMILY, LET’S GET ON WITH IT.  Also Lennox continues to be supremely annoying while she becomes confused about kissing a boy in a school play and Ryder loafs around the house waiting for her suspension to be up.

Baby Daddy.jpg

Baby Daddy Season 2, Episode 3 and 4

The Wheeler and Dealer and New Bonnie vs Old Ben

This week, the Riley and Danny sector of the weirdest and most awesome love square heated up while Fitch was away saving lives.  Also, Ben struggled with Bonnie moving in to an apartment on his floor.

6/10/13 Shows

Published June 11, 2013 by tiradical20s

Switched at Birth Season 2, Episode 11

Mother and Daughter Divided


In the midseason premiere of Switched at Birth, we see the Vasquez-Kennish clan extremely divided.  Everyone is mad at Regina for her pre-rehab inebriation and Daphne and Bay are at each other’s throats over Daphne stealing Bay’s boyfriend.  Can I be real for a sec? I feel like these two girls are just EXPERTS in stealing each other’s boyfriends.  Like pros.  That is sort of an old storyline.  What I did NOT expect was to see Ty (I guess The Lying Game extended hiatus and most likely cancellation was too much for Blair Redford to bare) again.  I wonder if him and Bay will rekindle their relationship? I liked that Emmett and Travis are moving on with their lives, trying to be with other girls….everyone is SO hung up on Bay and Daphne that it really annoys me sometimes.  Overall, a good episode.

Hit the Floor Season 1, Episode 3

Out of Bounds

Hit the Floor.jpg

This show has seriously turned out to be a little summer surprise.  I really do enjoy it.  I never really pictured VH1 doing any kind of original scripted programming.  I guess Asha knows that Peter is her father and things are getting hella awkward.  Also, I just HAVE to say this….the girl who plays Yelena…..SHE IS SO BEAUTIFUL LIKE WHO MADE HER?! Have you ever seen an African American woman with blue eyes?! Jesus.  Save the looks for the rest of us, girl!

The Fosters Season 1, Episode 2


The Fosters intertitle.png

I decided this show was annoying after watching the second episode.  While I enjoy the unconventional family dynamics versus the individual “troubles” in each child’s daily dramatics….the script is just laughable.  The girl who plays Mariana needs a shift roundhouse to the chin.  The drug stuff just seems completely unrealistic to me.  I get it that ABC Family is trying to reach a broad spectrum with this show and they totally do, but it just seems like it is trying too hard to be popular like Switched at Birth.

Mistresses Season 1, Episode 2

The Morning After

Mistresses ABC 2013.jpg

I suspected last week that I would not enjoy the second episode and I must admit I was wrong.  Since the second episode had little to no weird sex scenes and more depth into the character’s problems and lives, it became more interesting and less of a sexual playground.  I’m hooked….for now.

Teen Wolf Season 3, Episode 2

Chaos Rising

Teen Wolf season 2 intertitle.png

Ok….what is even happening EVER on this show?  I feel like this show wants to so badly be more than hot guys taking their shirts off and awkward sexual tension but it just will never be.   They also write characters off the show with little to no explanation….which is hilarious.  (Colton Haynes, I don’t blame you, I just miss your baby blues!).  So…apparently there is a rival pack and they are trying to find who is involved and Isaac was taking a bubble bath? Ok then.  In other news, Stiles almost lost his virginity but instead his lady was taken by something! Nice. Way to go.  (Stiles, I’m available….technically I’m not, but I can make it happen)

Devious Maids Pilot!

Published June 11, 2013 by tiradical20s

Okay, so I was lucky enough to catch a pre-screening of the pilot episode of this show and LET. ME. TELL. YOU. this show was the TITS! Marc Cherry is a flippin’ genius, but you would literally have to live under a rock not to know that.  Every character on this show is PERFECTION. EVERY SINGLE ONE.  This show really depicts how terribly maids are treated by pompous asshole employers.  Paired with the insatiable air of mystery Marc Cherry portrays, this show is headed for GREATNESS.  Mark my words.  I am in love with this show. Seriously, if you are going to catch ANY of the new shows this summer, catch THIS ONE.

6/9/13 Shows…or…1 episode of The Client List

Published June 10, 2013 by tiradical20s

As we wind down on this season of The Client List, a few questions and concerns arise.  First of all: WHY did Riley forgive Kyle so quickly when she swore up and down in the first season that it would take a mountain for her to forgive him?  I get it, father of your children, high school sweetheart…yadda yadda, BUT COME ON GIRL! Second of all, things at The Rub of Sugarland are getting INTENSE.  Nikki (that bitch) is a conniving skank and Selena has finally settled down with that sexy male masseur.  HOW CAN RILEY BE SO STUPID?  I would never BURY the list in a random dirt field!!! I would have that shit on me at all times under lock and key, guarded by guard dogs and a fiery inferno surrounding it.  That is all.  Is it just me, or has this show gotten more interesting since we found out Jennifer Love Hewitt is pregnant with Brian Hallisay’s baby? Sheesh! I guess the chemistry was more than just played! I really do want Riley to be with Evan though……I wonder what will happen in the season finale?

Published June 7, 2013 by tiradical20s

In this episode of Anger Management, we see Charlie and Kate struggling with their recently extinguished sexual relationship upon interviewing candidates for their sex study.  Also, Lacey tries to get fired from her job.  Am I the only one who thinks this show is WAY better than Two and a Half Men?  Agree to disagree?

In  the Men At Work season finale, we see the boys have a crazy night at a wedding with some moonshine.  Hopefully this won’t be the last season of Men at Work since no official announcement has been made one way or the other on future seasons.  I love this show and this is exactly the kind of dynamics I wish other shows had between characters.  This episode in particular was very funny.  I don’t want to give away anything for those of you who haven’t seen it yet, though 🙂

6/5/13 Shows

Published June 6, 2013 by tiradical20s

Melissa & Joey, the show we HATE to love.  I mean, let’s be honest….it’s a terrible, terrible show that only exists to harbor those nostalgic feelings we can’t let go of for the 90s.  I mean, right?  HOLY CRAP AND SABRINA THE TEENAGE WITCH IS ON A SHOW WITH JOEY LAWRENCE.  Honestly, the writers and producers banged their head against a keyboard and the script for this show was the outcome of that.  In this episode, we see Melissa and Joey dating opposite ends of a nasty divorce while Ryder struggles with being suspended after smoking weed on a school trip.  Also, Lennox is useless as per usual.

Baby Daddy might be just as bad as any other show, but I appreciate what it is trying to do.  In this show we see a character who is NOT the main character not have 1, not 2, but 3 love interests.  I personally would love to see Riley end up with Danny, but we all know she is eventually going to end up with Ben.  I almost wish they just took the baby out of the equation all together and made the show a buddy comedy with these characters, I think then it wouldn’t seem like a watered down version of Raising Hope.  I do appreciate Tahj Mowry’s quips but I think ABC Family needs to stop pretending he is some kind of sexy casanova, because that does not work for me.  In this episode, we see the boys trying to tell Riley that her new boyfriend, Kyle XY Fitch, is a married man only to figure out they should have checked their facts first.