Monday 6/3/13 shows

Published June 4, 2013 by tiradical20s

Hit the Floor.jpg

Hit the Floor (VH1)

The only reason I knew this show existed was because one of you emailed me and told me it did! It is rare that I don’t know a show exists, so if you see me forgetting a show (that I haven’t already been turned off too) please let me know about it.  I really thought I was going to hate this, but quite the contrary.  Although it is super dramatic, there is something light and fun about it.  I will continue to watch for the time being.

The Fosters logo.jpg

The Fosters (ABC Family)

And ABC Family has done it again with another teen angsty, smut filled teen drama that will leave us thirsting for more!  While it is no where up to caliber with Pretty Little Liars or Switched at Birth, it is a teensy bit different and I will continue to watch for now.  I certainly liked Twisted better than this pilot, but we will see how it continues in the ratings.

Mistresses ABC 2013.jpg

Mistresses (ABC)

…..What? Does this show even have a point other than four attractive women getting it on? I did not follow.  I’m sure it’s not that complex and I just missed it completely, but I am so not on board with this one.  I will give it an episode or two more to impress me (fireworks, neon lights style), but I have a feeling this one is heading towards my dread pile.

Teen Wolf season 2 intertitle.png

Teen Wolf (MTV) Season 3 premiere

YES. YES. YES. YES. YES.  I never truly understood what was going on in this show besides the fact that Scott loves Allison VERY much, but I definitely think that increasing the episode from 12 episodes to 24 episodes has helped with that.  It is helpful that the writers of the show aren’t cramming so much key information and plot twists into each episode, while with 24 episodes they can spread if out over a long time.  Yay! No more being confused! Also, Dylan O’Brien….call me when you are legal to drink if you aren’t already.


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