6/4/13 shows…oh, you mean, just that episode of Awkward? Yeah.

Published June 5, 2013 by tiradical20s

Awkward on MTV has easily created one of the most frustrating characters on television: Jenna Hamilton.  I think this latest episode proves this factoid to the highest degree.  Jenna wants absolutely EVERYONE and wants EVERYONE to only want her.  She only wanted Jake when he was interested in someone else, she only wants Matty when there is the potential to be with someone else and now she wants Collin because he is pretty much unattainable.  Let’s be honest, last season when this show wrapped, this is exactly what I wanted for Jenna.  I am happy the show is stepping away from the same old Matty-Jenna-Jake love triangle and I think this is definitely a bold move.  With that being said, you are WRONG if you don’t want to hit Jenna Hamilton in the head with a shovel and cut that side braid off with a pair of extremely sharp scissors.


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