6/9/13 Shows…or…1 episode of The Client List

Published June 10, 2013 by tiradical20s

As we wind down on this season of The Client List, a few questions and concerns arise.  First of all: WHY did Riley forgive Kyle so quickly when she swore up and down in the first season that it would take a mountain for her to forgive him?  I get it, father of your children, high school sweetheart…yadda yadda, BUT COME ON GIRL! Second of all, things at The Rub of Sugarland are getting INTENSE.  Nikki (that bitch) is a conniving skank and Selena has finally settled down with that sexy male masseur.  HOW CAN RILEY BE SO STUPID?  I would never BURY the list in a random dirt field!!! I would have that shit on me at all times under lock and key, guarded by guard dogs and a fiery inferno surrounding it.  That is all.  Is it just me, or has this show gotten more interesting since we found out Jennifer Love Hewitt is pregnant with Brian Hallisay’s baby? Sheesh! I guess the chemistry was more than just played! I really do want Riley to be with Evan though……I wonder what will happen in the season finale?


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