6/10/13 Shows

Published June 11, 2013 by tiradical20s

Switched at Birth Season 2, Episode 11

Mother and Daughter Divided


In the midseason premiere of Switched at Birth, we see the Vasquez-Kennish clan extremely divided.  Everyone is mad at Regina for her pre-rehab inebriation and Daphne and Bay are at each other’s throats over Daphne stealing Bay’s boyfriend.  Can I be real for a sec? I feel like these two girls are just EXPERTS in stealing each other’s boyfriends.  Like pros.  That is sort of an old storyline.  What I did NOT expect was to see Ty (I guess The Lying Game extended hiatus and most likely cancellation was too much for Blair Redford to bare) again.  I wonder if him and Bay will rekindle their relationship? I liked that Emmett and Travis are moving on with their lives, trying to be with other girls….everyone is SO hung up on Bay and Daphne that it really annoys me sometimes.  Overall, a good episode.

Hit the Floor Season 1, Episode 3

Out of Bounds

Hit the Floor.jpg

This show has seriously turned out to be a little summer surprise.  I really do enjoy it.  I never really pictured VH1 doing any kind of original scripted programming.  I guess Asha knows that Peter is her father and things are getting hella awkward.  Also, I just HAVE to say this….the girl who plays Yelena…..SHE IS SO BEAUTIFUL LIKE WHO MADE HER?! Have you ever seen an African American woman with blue eyes?! Jesus.  Save the looks for the rest of us, girl!

The Fosters Season 1, Episode 2


The Fosters intertitle.png

I decided this show was annoying after watching the second episode.  While I enjoy the unconventional family dynamics versus the individual “troubles” in each child’s daily dramatics….the script is just laughable.  The girl who plays Mariana needs a shift roundhouse to the chin.  The drug stuff just seems completely unrealistic to me.  I get it that ABC Family is trying to reach a broad spectrum with this show and they totally do, but it just seems like it is trying too hard to be popular like Switched at Birth.

Mistresses Season 1, Episode 2

The Morning After

Mistresses ABC 2013.jpg

I suspected last week that I would not enjoy the second episode and I must admit I was wrong.  Since the second episode had little to no weird sex scenes and more depth into the character’s problems and lives, it became more interesting and less of a sexual playground.  I’m hooked….for now.

Teen Wolf Season 3, Episode 2

Chaos Rising

Teen Wolf season 2 intertitle.png

Ok….what is even happening EVER on this show?  I feel like this show wants to so badly be more than hot guys taking their shirts off and awkward sexual tension but it just will never be.   They also write characters off the show with little to no explanation….which is hilarious.  (Colton Haynes, I don’t blame you, I just miss your baby blues!).  So…apparently there is a rival pack and they are trying to find who is involved and Isaac was taking a bubble bath? Ok then.  In other news, Stiles almost lost his virginity but instead his lady was taken by something! Nice. Way to go.  (Stiles, I’m available….technically I’m not, but I can make it happen)


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