6/11 and 6/12 shows

Published June 13, 2013 by tiradical20s

Pretty Little Liars Season 4, Episode 1


We return to Rosewood after the tumultuous events of last season.  Ezria is pretty much destroyed (WHAT A TERRIBLY SAD MOMENT AT WILDEN’S FUNERAL), Hanna is desperately trying to keep her mother’s murderous secret, Emily is making life changing decisions with Paige, and Spencer and Toby continue to be television’s most displeasing and confusing couple.  Also, can we talk about how Mona is just RANDOMLY in the in now?! UM. GIRLS. SHE TRIED TO KILL YOU LIKE 14,000 TIMES!!!! That’s fine, Mona, let’s just get coffee and giggle and have fucking sleepovers now!  We all saw that red coat was Allison last season, so it will be interesting to see how the pursuit of red coat pans out….

Twisted Season 1, Episode 1


Another slam dunk for ABC Family.  This show will be up to par with the popularity of Pretty Little Liars and Switched at Birth.  It is the perfect show to have on after Pretty Little Liars as well, very connected.  The characters are interesting without belittling the fact that they are indeed CHILDREN.  Good job, ABC Family, and have fun making your millions off this show too…

Awkward title.png

Awkward Season 3, Episode 10

Redefining Jenna

In the midseason finale, we see Jenna doing exactly what we all thought she would do….CHEATING on MATTY! While this of course excites me that Jenna has stepped out of the traditional love triangle and into completely new territory, the way she did it was just so tacky and immature. The previews for the second half of the season we continue to see that atrocious behavior, but I definitely think it will be interesting to see how the characters will change and progress over the next couple of episodes.


Melissa & Joey Season 3, Episode 3 and 4

Inside Job and Can’t Hardly Wait

In these episodes, Mel and Joe continue to fuel their painstaking “will they, won’t they” by dating other people and hiding jobs from each other so they can spend more time with one another.  WE ALL KNOW WHERE THIS IS GOING, ABC FAMILY, LET’S GET ON WITH IT.  Also Lennox continues to be supremely annoying while she becomes confused about kissing a boy in a school play and Ryder loafs around the house waiting for her suspension to be up.

Baby Daddy.jpg

Baby Daddy Season 2, Episode 3 and 4

The Wheeler and Dealer and New Bonnie vs Old Ben

This week, the Riley and Danny sector of the weirdest and most awesome love square heated up while Fitch was away saving lives.  Also, Ben struggled with Bonnie moving in to an apartment on his floor.


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