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I must admit…

Published July 30, 2013 by tiradical20s

I have been pleasantly surprised with summer programming this year!

Usually, summer programming is something to be laughed upon but all the major network have really pulled out the stops this summer by making people get out of the pool and actually watch their channels! A big kudos to Lifetime, who normally pulls in ridiculously low ratings over the summer, for Devious Maids (sad you passed on this one, ABC?) which has slowly become a fan favorite this summer (and my personal favorite summer show!).  Apparently, we are supposed to hear about a Season 2 pick up any day now.

While I still have no idea what the hell is going on on Teen Wolf, it is still one of those shows that I cannot stop watching.  I mean, let’s be real for a second, this show is TERRIBLE but none of us can turn away! Is it the scantily-clad, young he-wolves making our hormones sing that keep us from changing the channel or are we actually interested in whatever supernatural occurrence that is going on (it has sort of flown beyond the fantastic at this point) that keeps us intrigued?

As far as The Fosters goes, the show has many annoying characters, but again there is some invisible force that does not make me change the channel on this one too.  I quite enjoy Maia Mitchell, I think she is a fantastic little actress and she portrays her character well.  Mariana can get hit by a bus, her character is ridiculous, but I do think the themes presented on this show delve deeper than any other ABC Family show and it is definitely one that we needed.  Congrats on the back order!

Now, let’s talk about Under the Dome. BAM! A CBS winner for sure.  I was nowhere near surprised about its season 2 renewal the other day and I am very happy for serial pilot bombers Britt Robertson and Rachelle Leferve FINALLY found a show that was picked up! CBS usually does well in the summer with reruns but their new summer shows usually tank.  Congrats, CBS!

Twisted, Twisted, Twisted…..while at first I thought this show was just a dirty contender in the “Let’s be like Pretty Little Liars” race, it now has branched off into its on realm of awesomeness.  While sometimes I find the love triangles to be a bit odd and off base (hmm let’s just all love a convicted murderer? Sounds good.), I find myself looking forward to this show every week now.  This show has also received the back 10.

Pretty Little Liars and Switched at Birth is always good (Switched just received its third season pick up today!) so no need to comment on that.

Camp on NBC.  This is the first show of the summer that I can see not getting picked up.  Not that it’s bad, per se, but it certainly isn’t up to par with the other shows this summer.  I think it was also very badly advertised, for which NBC is a serial offender.

True Blood! Way better than last season, I actually want to watch and it doesn’t feel like pulling teeth anymore! I’m glad they put all that political bull shit aside, gosh that was annoying.

Cedar Cove? A cute show, but lacks substance thus far.  It’s not too big of a deal because it is on the Hallmark channel, so I’m sure it will be picked up because SOME people are watching it instead of NONE.

Mistresses.  I recently went back to this one because I am intrigued by the Savi (wtf kind of name is that) pregnancy storyline.  It can go either way for renewal, I don’t care either way.

Hit the Floor! My second favorite show of the summer.  I don’t know why I love the show so much…the main actresses are terrible! But the show is just so fresh, flirty and fun.  I am glad the show was renewed. Way to go VH1!

Of course, the half hour comedies (Hot in Cleveland, The Exes, Anger Management, Baby Daddy, Melissa and Joey….) are always fun!


I’ll try to write more soon, I just moved so I am a little behind.


Favorite New Summer Shows So Far!

Published July 26, 2013 by tiradical20s

Hit the Floor (VH1)

This sassy drama about a dance team for a basketball team in LA is one of the funnest (don’t care if that’s not a real word) of the summer!   This is one of the only shows to already be renewed for a Season 2.

The Fosters (ABC Family)

While certainly not my favorite, this show has slow progressed on me during the summer.  I wouldn’t mind a season 2 renewal, but a cancellation wouldn’t break my heart.

Under the Dome (CBS)

I LOVE THIS SHOW.  I cannot imagine how they could make a second season for it can only have one very specific ending and I do not understand how they can drag it on for seasons and seasons, but I would love a season 2 renewal!

Twisted (ABC Family)

This show fits in very well in the vein of Pretty Little Liars and the mystery is an interesting one, but will it survive the ABC Family renewal/cancellation?

Camp (NBC)

I went to camp for 7 summers and this is a very good representation of it.  I hope this gets renewed! It has potential to have new campers every summer.

Devious Maids (Lifetime)

YES. 100 TIMES YES. This is officially my favorite show of the summer and fills that dramatic void that Desperate Housewives left in my heart.  I hope this gets renewed!

Shows stuck in limbo

The Client List (Lifetime)

Will there be a Season 3 after J Love’s ongoing cinematic baby daddy argument regarding her real life pregnancy?  Here’s hoping!

Men at Work (TBS)

After a very strong Season 1 and a so-so Season 2, will Men at Work grace or tv screens for a Season 3?

Happily Divorced (TV Land)

It seems like a season 3 seems to be the hard thing to get these days, huh? Will we see Fran Drescher for a third season? The world may never know.