Teen Wolf Season 3 Midseason Finale…..Ok, Then?

Published August 20, 2013 by tiradical20s

Let’s be honest.  On a scale of 1 to 10, I have no idea what is actually happening on Teen Wolf 45.  There are only a few reasons why I continue to watch the show and most of them have to do with Dylan O’Brien being adorable and the hype surrounding the show.  I also enjoy the cast’s antics on Twitter.  One such example:


So, anyway, the second half of Teen Wolf’s supersized season starts on January 6, so we have 4+ months to remember that Peter Hale “is the alpha” (he told us very dramatically in the last couple seconds of the show).

The season had mostly downs and some ups.  One up was we finally had a Stiles/Lydia kiss! Yay! Another up was that episode at the motel….that was actually a pretty good episode! The downs list is extensive and not only limited to the twins always being shirtless (am I the only one who doesn’t particularly find them very attractive? I mean….it’s silly, right?), Allison Argent’s limited badassery (she used to be my favorite character and she definitely did behind the scenes this season), and I’ll just say it….Jackson’s dismissal was unresolved BIG TIME.

Hopefully, this winter will bring about answers and perhaps a less confusing plot line!


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