The Mindy Project Season 2 Premiere: All My Problems Solved Forever….

Published September 11, 2013 by tiradical20s

I am a huge fan of this show.  Season 1 was remarkably funny and Mindy Kaling has a way with comedy that I don’t think a lot of people have. The Season 2 premiere showed us Mindy in Haiti adjusting to life with her hot sexy preacher boyfriend, who becomes her fiancee.  When Mindy gets airlifted back to NYC for an emergency gall bladder removal, she realizes how much she has actually missed her small practice and coworkers, including new Dr. Leotard (James Franco, stud muffin) who seems to be fitting in nicely in her absence.  After a debauched wedding ceremony that does not go through, Mindy decides to stay in NYC to make some money for a real wedding while her fiancee goes back to Haiti.  Do you think Mindy will cheat on her fiancee with Dr. Leotard?  Are there still underlying feelings for Danny? Can’t wait to see more of this show!

The Mindy Project premieres next Tuesday, September 17th, on Fox at  9:30 pm!


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