Camp Season 1 Finale: Summer is most definitely over, but…is this show?

Published September 15, 2013 by tiradical20s

As “eh” as this show was at first, I truly believe it blossomed as the season went on.  Honestly, anyone who has been to summer sleepaway camp can relate full on to this show and it is a wonderful representation of what your summer away would be like.  Although there seems to be a distinct lack of supervision and care at this camp, everything else was spot on.  I am glad Marina went to live with Buzz and Mac, I am interested to see if next season (and I sincerely do hope there is a next season) if her and Kip stayed together for the year.   Robbie and Sarah had sort of reconciled, which was nice to see, but I think those two need the year to think about what exactly the way.  Also, fun fact: did you know 80% of the cast is Australian?  The only one I could really hear it in was the girl who played Marina when she spoke fast/was upset, but other than that, WOW! This cast perfected their American accents so well done! Anyway, I will let you know when/if I hear about a second season….fingers crossed!


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