The Michael J Fox Show Series Premiere and Episode 2: Pilot and Neighbor

Published September 27, 2013 by tiradical20s

Guys, I am 1000% stumped on this show.  I am seriously so confused on my feelings, I can’t even start to explain….

I don’t know if I like it, I don’t know if I hate it, I don’t know if it confuses me, I don’t know if it makes me uncomfortable….I just don’t know.  I understand the show is trying to shed some comedic light on Michael J Fox’s actual disease and it is trying to show us that even when life throws us curveballs, it still goes on and we still have to navigate it with positivity …..but I just couldn’t help feeling so bad for this character the whole time, so much so that it got in the way of the comedy.

My problem with this show #1

THE TITLE.  Come on, it would make SO MUCH MORE SENSE IF THE CHARACTER WAS JUST NAMED MICHAEL J FOX AND WAS A EXAGGERATED VERSION OF HIMSELF.  It’s just annoying, maybe it’s nitpicky, but it really did bother me.

My problem with this show #2

The second episode, where Michael J Fox’s character develops a crush on his upstairs neighbor and it becomes more than obvious to his very loving, very supportive wife… this for real?! If that were my husband I would bitch slap him and the ho! I mean, HE HAD A FREAKIN’ SEX DREAM ABOUT HER AND SHE WAS IN THE BED WITH HIM.  NOT OK.  Uncomfortable.  I understand they are trying to portray how cool his wife is, but I just found this episode classless, especially when it is clear how much the character’s wife loves him and has evened the odds with his disease.

My problem with this show #3

What is up with the daughter?  Who hired this actress?  Yes, she is quirky.  Yes, she is different….but my god, is she obnoxious.  The only redeeming characters are the two sons, honestly.  Even the strange aunt is better than her.

I will give this show an episode or two more, but if I am feeling this conflicted about a SITCOM, I’m not sure if I should torture myself.  The Michael J Fox (the not so aptly named) returns next week.

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