Betrayal Series Premiere: Pilot

Published September 30, 2013 by tiradical20s

I’ve seen this pilot get a LOT of hate on social media, and I mean A LOT.  I wasn’t keen on the previews and I certainly wasn’t expecting it to be good….but let me just say, while it didn’t knock me off my feet or anything, it wasn’t THAT bad.  It definitely has the allure and the gratuitous beautiful people that ABC likes to throw at us every now and then, so what’s wrong with this show?  For me, the problem is the time slot.  Honestly, people turn off the TV after Revenge and I think lack of interest attributed to time slot will be the downfall of this show.  I am going to keep watching until that call is made, and I assure you that this show will most likely be cancelled…unfortunately.  I think a good move for ABC would be to put Nashville on after Revenge and put something else on at 10 on Wednesdays.  Then they would sure have jam packed ratings for Sundays if they did that.

Betrayal continues next week.

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