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2 Broke Girls Season 2, Episode 4: And The Cupcake War

Published October 16, 2012 by tiradical20s


The girls decide to compete in The Food Network show Cupcake Wars to promote their cupcakes.  They think their sop story will bring in the ratings, but they are shocked when they are competing against a bakery who survived Hurricane Katrina.  LOL TO THEIR FACES.

Also, can we just talk about how tan Caroline is all of a sudden?  Do we really think Caroline can afford spray tanning at this point in time??

2 Broke Girls Season 2, Episode 3: And The Hold-Up

Published October 10, 2012 by tiradical20s


This was probably my favorite episode of this show in a long time.  Pants wetting, age guessing and a guest appearance by SHANGELA!!!!!!!!

Sorry, I love Shangela (who played Hallelujah, the concession stand counter boy)…I can’t even discuss this.

Anyway, in this episode the diner is held up for cash and Caroline wets herself and then offers Max be taken instead of her.  Max becomes upset with this and ends up repaying the favor back to Caroline when they are caught sneaking into a movie.  Han also pees himself in this episode.

Also, we need to get rid of Sophie, guys…she just isn’t funny.

2 Broke Girls Season 2, Episode 2: And The Pearl Necklace

Published October 3, 2012 by tiradical20s


Caroline breaks the necklace she has been wearing in every single episode since the beginning and is convinced bad luck is to follow….which it sort of does.

  • The girls are still trying to get in touch with Martha Stewart who tried their cupcakes back in the last episode, but she is unreachable
  • Max gets hit by a car
  • Han experiments with new high-tech gadgets for the restaurant, including a cupcake machine that would put Max and Caroline out of business.
  • Martha Stewart’s receptionist chips a tooth on a pearl lost in one of their cupcakes

Luckily, by the end of the episode, they receive an email from Martha Stewart saying she “hasn’t forgotten about them.”

THESE. GIRLS. NEED. BOYFRIENDS. Or something else life altering!

2 Broke Girls Season 2, Episode 1: And the Hidden Stash

Published September 25, 2012 by tiradical20s

We kicked off the hilarious second season of 2 Broke Girls with Max and Caroline going to visit Caroline’s ponzi scheming, broke daddy in jail.  Caroline’s dad tells the girls that they should attend an auction of Caroline’s old things and get a trophy that she won horseback riding because it would be the answer to all their financial woes.

Thinking the trophy is somehow full of money, the girls attend the auction, purchase the trophy and are ultimately disappointed when their is no money inside it.

Honestly, I think this show is great and that Kat Dennings can do nothing wrong comedically, but I think the writers of this show really need to step it up and come up with a better short term plot.  Give Caroline a dapper love interest or make Max get a better job…I don’t know, I am just spit balling, but you get the picture.

Shows that premiere/return this week (September 24-30)

Published September 24, 2012 by tiradical20s

Monday September 24th:

How I met your Mother (CBS @ 8pm)

Partners (CBS @ 8:30 pm)

2 Broke Girls (CBS @ 9 pm)


Tuesday September 25th:

Ben and Kate (Fox @ 8:30 pm)

New Girl (Fox @ 9pm)

The Mindy Project (Fox @ 9:30 pm)

Vegas (CBS @ 10pm)

Wednesday September 26th:

The Middle (ABC @ 8 pm)

Guys with Kids (NBC @ 8:30 pm)

Modern Family (ABC @ 9pm)

The Neighbors (ABC @ 9:30 pm)

Thursday September 27th:

The Big Bang Theory (CBS @ 8pm)

Two and a Half Men (CBS @ 8:30 pm)

Friday September 28th:

Made in Jersey (CBS @9:00pm)

Sunday September 30th:

Once Upon A Time (ABC @ 8:00 pm)

Revenge (ABC @ 9:00 pm)

666 Park Avenue (ABC @10:00 pm)

Of course there are other shows on or premiering that I may not care about or like so watch those too :) !

Enjoy the week!