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90210 Season 5, Episode 3: It’s All Fun and Games

Published October 25, 2012 by tiradical20s

  • Silver is nervous about her insemination appointment and becoming a mom so fast, so Adriana takes her out on a special day to do things that normal girls in their twenties would do to get it out of her system
  • Naomi decides to continue her friendly pursuit of Alec, trying her best to get him to like her.  They end up having a great day and Alec winds up kissing her.  Naomi freaks out and decides to tell Max the truth about what happened, but Naomi has no idea that Alec had pictures taken and is trying to set Naomi up.
  • Dixon attends a group therapy session by Annie’s request and comes face to face with the daughter of the man who hit him with his truck.
  • The police question Liam about Vanessa’s disappearance, which makes him nervous until he figures out that Vanessa is a wanted woman.


ALEC, YOU DAWG. Let Naomi be happy with her nerd!

90210 Season 5, Episode 2: The Sea Change

Published October 18, 2012 by tiradical20s


After Naomi and Max find out their wedding has caused some problems in Max’s professional life, Naomi decides to throw a wedding reception to prove to Max’s investors that there  is nothing insincere or unprofessional about their marriage and that Max is focused on his success.

Annie, in turn, is dealing with Dixon not wanting help from her.  He thinks she is belittling his manliness in front of Adriana, who seems to be extremely busy with Taylor.  I think this story line is sad because Adriana is only with him because she feels responsible for his accident, this is a very tough situation.  She is stifling her happiness to cover her guilt.  I am probably the only one who feels bad for Adriana (who is usually my least favorite character on this show).

Let’s completely forget about Navid because he was being a der ner ner in this episode.

WELL.  Let’s talk about crazy Vanessa.  SHE IS INSANE.  Blackmailing Liam to date her even though Liam had the * fraudulent* money to pay her off of the movie.  Although I do not understand why he slept with her, I felt bad for him.  So, do we think Vanessa got swept out to sea or do we think she walked off after being flung from that balcony?  I hope she’s dead because she sucks.

LOL to Silver trying to seduce Teddy.  He’s GAY, Silver!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA.  He’s already having your baby, don’t put that added pressure on him to pretend to be straight again.

I am starting to feel like Liam and Silver are end game….but Silver has been with every single guy on this show now and it’s getting old.  What are we going to do next? Annie and Navid? Puke! We are exhausting our romantic interests here.

90210 Season 5, Episode 1: Til Death Do Us Part

Published October 10, 2012 by tiradical20s


WOW so much to say…I am definitely going to have to make a list for this!

  • As we know, Dixon was in a horrible car crash and was in critical condition.  It looks like he is not going to be able to walk or use his fingers.
  • Adriana, who was trying to forget about Dixon, slept with a club promoter right before her big show and then found out about Dixon’s condition only to fly back to LA and miss the show.  She now regrets everything and has moved back in with Dixon.
  • Liam is still pining over Silver (even though he does not want to have her baby) and burned down his bar for insurance money (BIG NO NO , LIAM!!!)
  • Navid is also still pining over Silver.
  • Silver finally gets Teddy to agree to have a baby with her.  The thing with the Christmas card was SO cute, I can’t handle it.
  • Naomi and Max get married after a series of mishaps try to keep them apart.
  • Annie’s life is the only one whose life doesn’t seem turned upside down (I mean apart from her brother being in the hospital).
  • Also, Debbie is back! Yay!!!

I love 90210! Definitely one of my guilty pleasures 🙂

Shows that premiere/return this week (October 8-14)

Published October 8, 2012 by tiradical20s

Monday October 8th:

90210 (The CW @ 8pm)

Gossip Girl (The CW @ 9pm)

Wednesday October 10th:

Arrow (The CW @8pm)

Nashville (ABC @ 10pm)

Thursday October 11th:

The Vampire Diaries (The CW @ 8pm)

Beauty and the Beast (The CW @ 9pm)

Sunday October 14th:

The Walking Dead (AMC @ 10pm)

We have a GREAT week ahead of us!!!

Of course there are other shows on or premiering that I may not care about or like so watch those too :) !

Enjoy the week!