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Shows stuck in Limbo :(

Published September 22, 2013 by tiradical20s

I hope to find out about these poor unfortunate souls in the coming weeks. As soon as I hear YOU will hear!



Ended September 9th, supposed decision to be made by September 30th

Logically speaking, does a Season 2 make sense?: YES. YES. YES. HUGE cliffhanger!



Ended September 11th, no word one when a decision will be made

Logically speaking, does a Season 2 make sense?:  Yes or no.  Honestly, we left off at a very sweet ending and if it did end its not like we won’t sleep at night.

The Client List


Ended June 16th, no word on renewal due to Jennifer Love Hewitt’s pregnancy and how to incorporate it into the show

Logically speaking, does a Season 3 make sense?: I would feel extremely dissatisfied if they canceled the show after season 2.

Camp Season 1 Finale: Summer is most definitely over, but…is this show?

Published September 15, 2013 by tiradical20s

As “eh” as this show was at first, I truly believe it blossomed as the season went on.  Honestly, anyone who has been to summer sleepaway camp can relate full on to this show and it is a wonderful representation of what your summer away would be like.  Although there seems to be a distinct lack of supervision and care at this camp, everything else was spot on.  I am glad Marina went to live with Buzz and Mac, I am interested to see if next season (and I sincerely do hope there is a next season) if her and Kip stayed together for the year.   Robbie and Sarah had sort of reconciled, which was nice to see, but I think those two need the year to think about what exactly the way.  Also, fun fact: did you know 80% of the cast is Australian?  The only one I could really hear it in was the girl who played Marina when she spoke fast/was upset, but other than that, WOW! This cast perfected their American accents so well done! Anyway, I will let you know when/if I hear about a second season….fingers crossed!