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Awkward Season 2, Episode 12: The Other Shoe

Published September 21, 2012 by tiradical20s


Good choice, Jenna!

Sorry for the lack of a better picture, apparently the entire internet does not yet have a picture of this episode.

OKAY BUT FOR REAL, GUYS! Let’s get down to business here.

This finale was AMAZING.


Jenna chose Matty (which is who I wanted her to chose if she had to).  Jake and Tamara made out (adorable and DID NOT EVER SEE THAT COMING IN 1 MILLION YEARS!), Tamara definitely needed a more legitimate love interest than Ricky (WHO WAS HOOKING UP WITH CLARK, WHO IS JENNA’S ONLINE SECRET BLOG FRIEND!!!)


And after ALL this bull shit and Jenna being so happy…she’s having second thoughts! Dumb bitch!!!!

I bet Season 3 is going to start with their break up. Awesome.


Awkward returns sometime in 2013!


The Exes Season 2, Episode 12: Pirates of the Care of Eden

Published September 6, 2012 by tiradical20s

In an extremely lack-luster and predictable season 2 finale of The Exes, we see Eden have her baby on a yacht in the middle of the Hudson!

Here’s my problem with this finale:


  1. Easy
  2. Fast
  3. Clean

There is no fucking way.  The finale would have been cute otherwise and Stuart with no eye sight would have been way funnier.

I won’t be shocked if this show is not picked up for a third season….only time will tell!

Melissa & Joey Season 2, Episode 15: Mel Marries Joe

Published August 31, 2012 by tiradical20s

In the season finale of Melissa & Joey, we find a struggling (not to mention, visibly jealous) Mel trying to cope with the fact that Joe is going to marry Elena not only for a green card but for the pure fact that he may have more than just sexy feelings for her.

I think that last season’s finale was a little bit better with the kiss between Mel and Joe but it still leaves us yearning and ready for season 3!

Melissa & Joey will return in the spring to tantalize us with more unresolved love conflicts!!!!

Baby Daddy Season 1, Episode 12: Something Borrowed, Something Ben

Published August 30, 2012 by tiradical20s

An interesting finale for Baby Daddy!  We are left off not knowing if Riley likes Ben or Danny.  Or does she like BOTH now?

Personally, I am team Riley and Danny because Ben is an idiot! Riley and Ben did share a sweet moment on the roof (pictured above) and it looked like Ben was starting to have second thoughts about whether or not he liked Riley.  I felt bad that Danny was watching.

BUT Riley and Danny had a nice moment before that as well.  It’s like The Vampire Diaries (1 girl, 2 brothers) without the vampires or the diaries! Hehe. Technically, The Vampire Diaries doesn’t have a diary in it anymore either.

Who is looking forward to season 2? We have a lot to contemplate before the show returns sometime in 2013.

Pretty Little Liars Season 3, Episode 12: Lady Killer

Published August 30, 2012 by tiradical20s

TOBY? Toby???? Really, Toby?????????

I must admit, I suspected Toby awhile ago, but as of late I sort of put him out of my mind.  I guess his part in the whole “A” conspiracy makes a lot of sense considering he has been gone on his “job in Bucks County.”  Way to bang Spencer and then be in cahoots with Mona and “A,” Toby….

And also, NATE!?! I never suspected Nate!!!!! His name isn’t even Nate! I am so excited I forgot his name haha.  But it doesn’t matter because Emily killed him….holy crap, Emily killed him! I bet this does not look too good for her when the show returns in October.

Poor Caleb, shot through the heart (and it’s too late….).  I would just like to inform you all that in my head every time Caleb is on screen, he speaks in a caveman voice.  For example: OOOOH LADY FRIEND NO LIKE HAIRCUT.  So, when Caleb was wielding a gun before, my boyfriend (yes, my boyfriend, being the wonderful person he is, watched Pretty Little Liars with me) decided to say in Caleb’s caveman voice “OOOH ME CALEB RUN AROUND STREET WITH GUN!”

The finale raises a lot of questions for the next part of the season:

  1. Will Ezra find out about Malcolm?
  2. How will being shot change Hanna and Caleb’s mending relationship?
  3. Is Toby going to get figured out?
  4. …..if Mona isn’t running the show, who is?????


Pretty Little Liars returns October 23rd for a Halloween episode before going on hiatus again to return in January :D.

True Blood Season 5, Episode 12: Save Yourself

Published August 27, 2012 by tiradical20s

THANK GOD the worst season of True Blood ever is finally over!!!  I did not have a clue what was going on the whole season!!!!

Bad things about the finale:

  1. The fairy that Andy impregnated orgasmed her babies out and THEN peaced, leaving Andy with 4 babies and an extremely irate girlfriend!
  2. Bill is still alive even after DYING.  I can’t even tell you how loud I screamed when Bill died, I was SO HAPPY…but then he fucking Lillithed out of the blood puddle.
  3. What on earth was actually even happening? Like, does anyone really know?
  4. The general lack of Alcide and his storyline.
  5. Hoyt is really gone.
  6. Pretty much everything that involved Sookie.

Good things about the finale:

  1. Jason kicking ass and taking names.  Not Jessica’s though.  Which is awesome because she deserves it. No matter how much I like her.
  2. PAM AND TARA!!! Yay!!! And awwww for Pam showing emotion to someone other than Eric!!!!! Love it.
  3. The split second where Bill was actually dead.

Well, obviously, we all know season 6 is going to deal with “Billith” trying to kill everyone and he is going to be the villain.  At least the authority and Russell Edgington are all dead so we can end the stupid authority storyline.

I was extremely disappointed this summer with True Blood so I am sort of glad I don’t need to watch it anymore.  Here’s hoping that Alan Ball gets his shit together for season 6!

Anger Management Season 1, Episode 10: Charlie Gets Romantic

Published August 24, 2012 by tiradical20s

In the season (hopefully not series) finale, Charlie asks Kate out to a movie.  Afraid that their platonic and not at all complicated sex life is going to be ruined, Kate freaks out.

I don’t think this was a very good season finale.  Yes, that kiss at the end made us curious to see if Kate and Charlie’s relationship was going to go somewhere other than the floor, the kitchen, and the bed, but nothing was resolved in the group or anywhere else.  There wasn’t even any other cliffhanger other than the kiss.

All in all, I do hope this show is renewed.  I’ve really enjoyed seeing Crazy Charlie Sheen back on television.  Fingers crossed for a renewal, guys!