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Modern Family Season 4, Episode 5: Open House of Horrors

Published October 25, 2012 by tiradical20s


  • Mitchell and Cam have a Halloween party and try to get Lilly to understand that her mother isn’t a princess.
  • Gloria’s hormones are acting up
  • Claire needs to make a family friendly Halloween house so she doesn’t frighten the neighborhood children
  • Phil has an open house

Again, not the best Halloween episode there is.  Another extremely overrated show.



Published October 24, 2012 by tiradical20s

For the 8:00 hour, I recommend



For the 8:00 hour, for ratings purposes

Guys with Kids at 8:30….that show needs help, guys


For the 9:00 hour, I recommend

Modern Family at 9 and Suburgatory at 9:30


For the 9:00 hour, for ratings purposes

Suburgatory at 9:30….I would love to see this show have a 3rd season!


For the 10:00 hour, I recommend

American Horror Story or Nashville if you are faint of heart


For the 10:00 hour, for ratings purposes

American Horror Story because again I would love to see it get a 3rd season, but I’m not worried.

Modern Family Season 4, Episode 4: The Butler’s Escape

Published October 19, 2012 by tiradical20s


  • Jay and Manny try to escape a pregnantly snoring Gloria
  • Cam starts working as the new music teacher at Manny and Luke’s school
  • Claire tries to figure out why Alex is in a funk
  • Phil tries to get Luke into magic

Best part of the episode:

When Luke screams “I hate it here!” and does the disappearing magic trick.  I laughed for a good three minutes.

Modern Family Season 4, Episode 1: Bringing Up Baby

Published September 27, 2012 by tiradical20s


Last season on Modern Family we found out Gloria was pregnant and Cam and Mitchell were not getting a baby boy after all.  This season picks up directly after that, with Gloria having not yet told Jay about the baby and Cam and Mitchell dealing with their sadness.

I liked this episode.  I find this show to be extremely overrated and even tried to stop watching it for a little while, but I keep coming back because it’s so unusual yet usual all at the same time.

I think it was fun to see Gloria pregnant.  My prediction is it will be a girl. What’s even more interesting is that when the baby is born, it’s going to be Hayley, Alex and Luke’s aunt or uncle and Claire, Mitchell and Manny’s sister/brother…..what a strange family this is!

Shows that premiere/return this week (September 24-30)

Published September 24, 2012 by tiradical20s

Monday September 24th:

How I met your Mother (CBS @ 8pm)

Partners (CBS @ 8:30 pm)

2 Broke Girls (CBS @ 9 pm)


Tuesday September 25th:

Ben and Kate (Fox @ 8:30 pm)

New Girl (Fox @ 9pm)

The Mindy Project (Fox @ 9:30 pm)

Vegas (CBS @ 10pm)

Wednesday September 26th:

The Middle (ABC @ 8 pm)

Guys with Kids (NBC @ 8:30 pm)

Modern Family (ABC @ 9pm)

The Neighbors (ABC @ 9:30 pm)

Thursday September 27th:

The Big Bang Theory (CBS @ 8pm)

Two and a Half Men (CBS @ 8:30 pm)

Friday September 28th:

Made in Jersey (CBS @9:00pm)

Sunday September 30th:

Once Upon A Time (ABC @ 8:00 pm)

Revenge (ABC @ 9:00 pm)

666 Park Avenue (ABC @10:00 pm)

Of course there are other shows on or premiering that I may not care about or like so watch those too :) !

Enjoy the week!