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Switched at Birth Season 1, Episode 30: Street Noises Invade The House

Published October 23, 2012 by tiradical20s

In the first season finale of Switched at Birth we see a lot of dramz going down between the Kennish-Vasquez clan.

Daphne and Jeff’s tumultuous relationship is exposed by the establishment and to her family.  Jeff freaks out and Daphne follows his lead and quits her job at the restaurant  thinking Jeff will want to be with her forever if she does that.  Jeff explains to Daphne that he just does not love her like she loves him.  SO sad…but #daphnedumped popping up on the screen was the funniest thing I have seen in a long ass time.  I also love how Angelo decided to be a father figure for like the first time ever to Daphne at that point.

The Kennish’s end up winning their lawsuit against the hospital….for 1 dollar.  Angelo wins his lawsuit as well….but wins 5 million dollars.  I think it was noble of Kathryn and John to accept that low amount of money and just take the pride of winning with them.  Makes them seem less awful.

Bay and Zarra decide to go to Mexico to meet up with Zarra’s dad in Bay’s latest “I’m so individual and grown up” scheme.  Bay starts to change her mind when she figures out Zarra is actually full of shit and has no idea what she is doing.  Emmett and John track her on her phone and they find her and Zarra sleeping in a car.  They take Bay home but Zarra sneaks off into the distance.

A possible Bay and Emmett reconciliation in the season 2 opener January 7th? Maybe.  A baby for Angelo? Maybe!

We’ll find out soon enough!