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Shows that are getting on my nerves but I refuse to drop because of habit:

Published January 16, 2013 by tiradical20s


Why? BECAUSE it’s the same old shit and everyone on the show has already gotten married, pregnant, slept together….there’s nothing more to look forward to! The only thing they haven’t done is Booth/Brennan wedding which would be a HELLA lame episode.  But I would still be excited for it I think haha….



Why? BECAUSE what the ACTUAL FUCK is even going on in this show???? I think we all pretend to understand and follow along nodding our heads, but there are just SO many plot twists and key changes and the audience is friggin’ confused!


Up All Night

Why? BECAUSE it’s funny and it’s just a damn shame it doesn’t do well or follow a certain flow that other sitcoms accomplish.  It’s just a disappointment when a show that has so much potential flushes its optimism.


Last Man Standing

Why? BECAUSE THIS GOD DAMN SITCOM HAS TURNED INTO A REPUBLICAN’S WET DREAM AND IT’S THE MOST IRRITATING THING I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY ENTIRE LIFE.  Every single episode has some kind of political blow and as an individual who does not swing republican OR democratic, I can not even imagine how either party feels about this if I am annoyed! Cut out the crap.  Also, WE NOTICED YOU CHANGED KRISTINS, ABC, WE AREN’T STUPID.



Why? BECAUSE IT”S A CLUSTER FUCK and has inappropriate and unnecessary sex scenes.  I don’t usually care about stuff like that, but some of the sex scenes on the show literally have NO point and it’s weird and uncomfortable. I usually like the first couple episodes of the new season but then I get tired of it and want out.


Hart of Dixie

Why?  BECAUSE it was written by a third grader who read Twilight and decided to put it in a southern setting.  I do like this show, but sometimes I avoid watching it until the last minute because it makes me feel idiotic to watch it.  It is an extreme guilty pleasure show.


Knowing this information, I will not be posting about these shows this week because they make my head hurt. K thanks 🙂