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Shows stuck in Limbo :(

Published September 22, 2013 by tiradical20s

I hope to find out about these poor unfortunate souls in the coming weeks. As soon as I hear YOU will hear!



Ended September 9th, supposed decision to be made by September 30th

Logically speaking, does a Season 2 make sense?: YES. YES. YES. HUGE cliffhanger!



Ended September 11th, no word one when a decision will be made

Logically speaking, does a Season 2 make sense?:  Yes or no.  Honestly, we left off at a very sweet ending and if it did end its not like we won’t sleep at night.

The Client List


Ended June 16th, no word on renewal due to Jennifer Love Hewitt’s pregnancy and how to incorporate it into the show

Logically speaking, does a Season 3 make sense?: I would feel extremely dissatisfied if they canceled the show after season 2.

The Client List Season 2, Episode 8: Heaven’s Just A Sin Away

Published April 29, 2013 by tiradical20s

Riley feels guilty about sleeping with one of her clients for money and tries to seek solace in the eyes of God on a church outting with her friends and family.  Also, dust is kicked up when Kyle is released from jail and Riley tells him she slept with someone else.

I never realized how good of an actress Jennifer Love Hewitt is.  Her face looked hollower and that perky energy Riley usually gives off was majorly subdued by guilt in this episode and I could actually feel her pain.  This show is way more than boobies and sex appeal, guys….Lifetime hits you where it hurts.