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The New Normal Season 1, Episode 7: The Godparent Trap

Published October 24, 2012 by tiradical20s


Bryan and David take a page from How I met your Mother and look for godparents for their unborn baby.  When Shania hears about this, she wonders why she doesn’t have any godparents and asks Bryan and David to be hers.  They turn her down saying they don’t have much to offer (but that’s bull shit because they are having a baby and look at their house!?).

Bryan and David end up asking Shania and Rocky to be their baby’s godparents. Adorable.

Bryan in the confessional was pretty much the funniest thing ever.  I loved in the end credits if he asked if God forgives Amanda Bynes and if Khloe Kardashian would burst into flames if she walked into the church hahahahaha.


Some updates on my repertoire and shows for the week of October 22-28

Published October 22, 2012 by tiradical20s

I am officially dropping 666 Park Avenue because I don’t get it….possibly to be picked up later if IT gets picked up

I am also officially dropping Beauty and the Beast because it’s the same old shit, extremely disappointed about it.  Again, I could change my mind if it gets picked up.


The new season of The Lying Game begins after Pretty Little Liars returns for good on January 8th! Yay!!!! Also, Switched at Birth will be back for season 2 on January 7th along with Bunheads (the worst show probably ever).


Shows for the week:


Tuesday the 23rd

Pretty Little Liars (8:00, ABC FAMILY, HALLOWEEN SPECIAL)

Happy Endings (9:00, ABC SEASON PREMIERE)


Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23 (9:30, ABC, SEASON PREMIERE)

The Mindy Project (9:30, FOX, BACK FROM WEEK HIATUS)

The New Normal (9:30, NBC, BACK FROM WEEK HIATUS)


Friday the 26th

Mockingbird Lane (8:00, NBC, SPECIAL PREVIEW ONLY)


Enjoy the week guys!



The New Normal Season 1, Episode 6: Bryanzilla

Published October 10, 2012 by tiradical20s


I love this show because every episode feels like I tiny little half hour movie.  And every episode conveys a message which goes way further than any other half hour comedy on television.

In this episode, Shania decides to have a fake wedding with one of her classmates and Golide, Bryan and David are more than willing to help.

Nana is not so thrilled and goes to great lengths to make sure that her great grand daughters fake wedding does not go as planned.

In other news, Bryan and David get engaged after David sees how much Shania’s fake wedding meant to him.

The New Normal Season 1, Episode 5: Nanagasm

Published October 3, 2012 by tiradical20s

In this episode, David’s mother comes to visit and she is less than fond of Bryan but loves that her son is having a baby with beautiful, blond Goldie.

Every episode has so many thought-provoking scenes, it makes me want to cry!  This episode made you think about the relationship Bryan has with his mother (whom he hasn’t spoken to since his father died).

I also thoroughly enjoyed Shania’s bucket list.  Who knew a 9 years old would want to have a quincenara? Haha.

Oh, also, let us not forget that Nana got some! That atrocious woman needed an orgasm or 6 anyway.


Some notable quotes:

“I know that that dog with the bandanna frightened you.”

“Her daughter’s uterus looks like a bramble patch”

Ryan Murphy. I love you

I think Ryan Murphy is going to be supreme overlord of the universe one of these days.

The New Normal Season 1, Episode 4: Obama Mama

Published September 26, 2012 by tiradical20s


Oh, Ryan Murhpy.  For once, I am going to criticize you seriously instead of in farce.

This episode of The New Normal was MUCH too political and I think some of the audience may have been offended.  I wasn’t, per se, but I can see how some people could.

I was watching on twitter as the rants about this show because political.  I am NEVER saying you should censor things, but I definitely think some things could have been toned down.

In other news, I love Goldie’s pregnancy cravings, I feel like I would crave the exact same thing if I were pregnant.


The New Normal Season 1, Episode 3: Baby Clothes

Published September 19, 2012 by tiradical20s


This show…is just…fabulous…oh my god, I can’t even speak.

The boys try to decide when a good time to buy baby clothes is, some have a harder time with it than others haha.  Also, Shania gets in trouble with Nana for “fornicating” with a new friend (which was by far the funniest thing I have ever seen, Shania is slowly becoming my favorite character ever on television).

I might say this every week from now on, but RYAN MURPHY YOU ARE AN EVIL GENIUS.  He knows EXACTLY how to write these shows.  He can write about anything controversial and have it come off beautifully and have people understand and actually LEARN something about it.

The scene in the store where they are looking at baby clothes and the man calls them disgusting was HORRIFIC.  But, it worked and it showed us all how ignorant we are to these things sometimes.  If I EVER saw someone saying something like that to a gay couple, I would lose my freaking mind on them.

Seriously can’t wait for next week, this show is awesome.





The New Normal Season 1, Episode 2: Sofa’s Choice

Published September 12, 2012 by tiradical20s

If you aren’t watching this show you are either dumb or blind (if that’s the case I’m very sorry because you’re missing out)!

The characters are PERFECTION.  Every single one of them.  Even the annoying little girl character isn’t annoying!

In this episode, we find out Goldie had a false negative on her pregnancy test and the boys start to contemplate whether they are ready to be parents after spending some time with Shania and their thoughts.

I really must applaud the performance of Ellen Barkin as Jane.  She is an extraordinary character and I can see some Emmy’s in her future if the show is successful (which it better be, because I would be crushed if people didn’t respond to it.)


If there is ANY show that I want you guys to check out, it’s this show.  You won’t be disappointed.

Published August 30, 2012 by tiradical20s

First Impression:

This show looks adorable, despite the “controversy” surrounding it.  I think it will be a great show.

Last Impression:

GUYS. THIS SHOW WAS AWESOME.  It was sweet, funny, nostalgic and relays a message all at the same time!  I think this show is really important for people to watch.  People who don’t understand why gay couples should be allowed to have every right that a straight couple has need to watch this show and LISTEN.  I really look forward to this premiere and I think we could see this show around for a long time.  Ryan Murphy, you bastard, you’ve done it again.

Some awesome lines from the premiere:

“Nana, you’re a bigot! I’m unfriending you right now!”

“I faint at the sight of vaginas, it’s like tarantula faces.”

4.5/5 stars 😀

If you would like to watch the premiere episode of The New Normal click here!

The New Normal premieres on NBC September 11th @ 9:30